Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inca Gold Pisco at BevMo

I don't usually do this kind of advertising but since this is about my favorite drink in the world: Pisco, I will make an exception. So, today I got the following information via e-mail from apnorcal.

"Introducing INCA GOLD PISCO at BevMo!
Many of you know well what it feels when you want to have a refreshing Pisco Sour in the warm comfort of your own home only to realize that the pisco bottle you brought so dearly from Peru is long gone.
Only recently have been piscos available in the Bay Area but they left the connoisseur with much to desire. Today we announce a premium pisco finally available in the Bay Area. A pisco as good as the best pisco you can buy in Lima.
A superb acholado with generous quantities of Italia grape. A pisco perfect for that Pisco Sour or concocting San Francisco's own Pisco Punch.
This pisco is INCA GOLD PISCO, produced specially for the U.S. market by famed Hacienda Santo Domingo from Ica, Perú and for the first time available in all BevMo chain of liquor stores of the Bay and Sacramento Areas.
Enjoy this good pisco and Salud!"

"Finally! A top quality pisco available in the San Francisco Bay Area." - Guillermo Toro-Lira, Author of 'Wings of Cherubs', a history of San Francisco's Pisco Punch.

So go ahead and get your bottle of pisco at the nearest BevMo. I assure you it will be a splendid choice either to drink it straight, in a Pisco Sour or in other recommended cocktails. These guys also have a web page on MySpace, too bad the Hacienda Santo Domingo doesn't have one.


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